Petroleum Shipping


Crude oil transportation is the backbone of our business at AKF Logistics. With other allies globally, trust and expect the best.

AKF Logistics dominates one third of domestic crude oil transportation market share servicing for major domestic Oil Companies in Kazakhstan. As a national strategic resources, we transport crude oil based on long-term contract with safety in mind service. Continuous safe operations build our company as a "reliable transportation partner". We are in good relationship with worldwide oil majors, Asian oil majors and trading companies including Japanese and Chinese companies. And we will try to expand our customers and transportation volume.


AKF Logistics have made continuous efforts to become the world's top crude oil tanker company by owning and operating VLCCs. We have enhanced our service infrastructure for greater client satisfaction and utilized the VLCCs with a double hull structure and low-sulphur bunkers to prevent ocean pollution in accordance with the growing international concern for the protection of the marine environment.

Let us know where Logistics is shipping your product to and servr you accordingly.



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